From the academic session (2018-19), the college has an active Students’ council duly elected through an electoral process as per the guidelines of , higher Education, Haryana and Kurukshetra University. The Student’s Union Election was held on 17.10.2018. A Committee was constituted to conduct fair and peaceful elections. The procedure for the elections was as follows: Class Representatives (CR’s) were elected from each class who then elected the Office-bearers of the Student’s Executive Council. The details of the Student’s Executive Council, which comprises a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary (exclusively four girl students) and five Executive Members (one post reserved for a SC student) are mentioned below:
Sr.No.  Designation  Name  Class  Roll No. 
1.   President  Pooja  M.Com-I  41 
2.   Vice-President  Mamta Sharma   B.Sc. (Med.) III  95390011
3.   Secretary  Deepti  B.A. III  071 
4.  Joint Secretary  Navneet  M.Com II  13 
5.   Member  Maninder Kaur  B.Sc. (H.Sci) II  143170011 
6.  Member  Anjali Sharma  B.A. II  147 
7.  Member  Shivani  B.Sc. (N.Med.) III  954710003 
8.  Member  Kajal  B.B.A. III  98980
9.  Member  YachnaKhana  B.Com II  01 
The formation of the above council has allowed the students to gain basic knowledge of the democratic and electoral system of our country. It represents the student’s grievances and gets them redressed through the College’s Grievance Redressal Cell and the Principal. The Principal frequently meets the Student’s Council. 
No student election were held on 2019-20.