formation of IQAC

In the beginning of the Academic Session 2018-2019 The college established Internal Quality Assurance Cell. Dr.Anuradha Sharma, Principal of the college is the Chairman and she nominated the constitution members of IQAC. Dr. A.D Mittal, Associate Professor in Physics was nominated as IQAC Coordinator.

Mrs. Kiran Kamboj, Deputy Director DGHE Haryana was nominated as Management Member and Ms. Indu Bala, Associate Professor in Physics as advisor ,Mrs. Monika (Office Assistant), Mrs. Savita Ahuja (Senior Librarian) as Office Administrators.

Mrs. Vandana Gupta (Retd. Principal), Mrs. Varsha Gupta (Retd. Ex-IQAC convenor), Mrs. Poonam Pawar (Retd. Principal) were nominated from local societies. Vinay Aggarwal, Owner of Pallavi Hotel and Mr. Vishnu Goyal were nominated as Industry member. Ms. Kritika (, UGC NET), Ms. Kajal Dhiman (, UGC NET) as Alumni member and  Supriya (B.Sc. N.M), and Shashina B.Com II as student representatives. Dr. B.D.Arya, Dr, Manju Sangwan, Ms. Honey Garg, Ms. Mamta Rani, Ms.Komal Garg, Ms. Shivani and Ms. Monika Gupta were nominated as members of IQAC. IQAC has conducted 12 meetings so far i.e. on Aug.31, 2018, Sep.18, 2018, Sep.20, 2018, Oct.9, 2018, Oct.16, 2018, Nov.3, 2018, Nov.20, 2018, Dec.4, 2018, Dec.10, 2018, Dec.11, 2018 and Mar.16, 2019.  to ensure the overall development of the college. The 1st meeting was held on 31/08/2018 and in this meeting it was decided to issue letters to the various subject societies and other cells of the college for submitting their Activity calendars for the session 2018-2019. An email id of IQAC was also created to ensure the effective documentation of various programmes, activities of the institute leading to quality improvement  and it was also decided that IQAC will meet twice in a quarter. The 2nd Meeting was held on 18/09/2018 in which Action Plan and agenda for the next composition meeting were finalized and Dr. AD Mittal discussed the criteria of API score and the documents required for the same. The 3rd Meeting i.e. the 1st Composition Meeting was held on 20/09/2018. In this meeting Firstly Dr. A.D. Mittal welcomed all the members of IQAC. He then explained the agenda of the current session 2018-19. He then asked for suggestions from all the composition members and the members gave their valuable suggestions one by one. Later on IQAC communicated these suggestions to the concerned so that they can strengthen their departments. In the subsequent Meetings, IQAC reviewed the Activity Calendars submitted by the various cells and evaluated the API Scores of various assistant/ Associate Professors. The API Performa submitted by Dr. Tara Jayant, Assistant Professor in Zoology and Dr. Divija Kumari, Assistant Professor in English, Dr. Manju Sangwan Assistant Professor in Mathematics, Mrs. Anju Sharma Assistant professor in Commerce and Ms. Suman, Assistant Professor in Commerce were evaluated and finalized by the committee members. Orientation programme was conducted for the newly admitted students. IQAC asked the different departments to arrange the remedial/extra classes for the weaker. IQAC has also contributed significantly in arranging Mentor-mentee Meetings, IQAC initiated steps to arrange smart classrooms for every department. The cell uploaded the AQAR reports of session 2013-2014 to 2017-2018 on the web portal and it was decided that the AQAR report for the session 2018-2019 will be uploaded on the portal by the end of the academic session. Periodic CR’s meetings with Principal and college council members were also arranged. The 10th Meeting i.e. the second composition meeting of IQAC was held on Dec.11, 2018 and the work done was reviewed. In the 11th meeting held on Mar.16, 2019 the committee members has designed the standard feedback performa and the feedback will be taken from the students by the end of the session.A meeting of IQAC was held on 9 October 2019.Another meeting of IQAC was held on 18th Jan 2020.

Sr.NoFile NameUploaded DateDownload
1 Academic Calender 15/12/2020 Download
2 1 IQAC first composition meeting and ATR on 09 10 2019 18/12/2020 Download
3 2 Minutes of the IQAC second composition meeting and ATR on 18 01 2020 18/12/2020 Download
4 3 Minutes of the IQAC Third composition meeting and ATR on 31 05 2020 18/12/2020 Download
5 IQAC meeting on 09 08 2019 18/12/2020 Download
6 IQAC meeting with HODS on 14 08 2019 18/12/2020 Download
7 STUDENT SATISFACTION SURVEY REPORT 2019 20 29/12/2020 Download
8 AQAR 2019 20 13/12/2021 Download
9 2nd composition meeting held on 19 04 2021 15/12/2021 Download
10 10 internal IQAC meeting to check API for promotion under CAS 15/12/2021 Download
11 For approval of AQAR 19 20 stituratory 15/12/2021 Download
12 Internal IQAC meeting to discuss agenda for Ist composition meeting 15/12/2021 Download
13 Internal IQAC meeting to disscuss agenda of 2nd composition 10 4 21 15/12/2021 Download
14 Internal meeting to finalized the IQAC committee 15/12/2021 Download
15 IQAC Ist composition held on 05 12 2020 15/12/2021 Download
16 IQAC meeting to finalize perspective plan on 15 12 2020 15/12/2021 Download
17 Ist constitute Meeting 15/12/2021 Download
18 Kaagaz 20211214 100858904409 15/12/2021 Download
19 Sanction Posts in College 30/01/2022 Download
20 ACADEMIC CALENDER 2021 01/02/2022 Download
21 ACADEMIC CALENDER PG UNI 2021 01/02/2022 Download
22 ACADEMIC CALENDER UG UNI 2021 01/02/2022 Download